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Nostrana - Insalata Nostrana


Nostrana Salad, our best selling salad is a Caesar style Salad that substitutes radicchio for the more traditional Romaine. The crunch of the radicchio (which we soak in ice water to temper its bitterness) and the herb croutons makes eating this salad as fun as eating potato chips or popcorn, and the creamy dressing and parmigiano-Reggiano adds richness. This salad is definitely not a chore to devour.

Recipe contains anchovies

Cathy has chosen to give back to the NAACP  Legal Defense Fund with every recipe download donation. The NAACP's Legal Defense Fund's mission to achieve racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society is so important in our world today. Defending the civil and human rights of vulnerable citizens has never been more critical.

A channeler of the soul, psyche, and techniques of Italy, Chef Cathy Whims is a master of inventive regional Italian cuisine. Her many personal relationships with farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest give her access to top quality ingredients, allowing her food to reflect the best of both the region and the season, in the true Italian spirit. At all three of her Portland, Oregon restaurants - the flagship Nostrana, urban pizza and cocktail spot Oven & Shaker, and her modern wine bar Enoteca Nostrana - Whims' elemental regional Italian cooking has earned her six nomination for James Beard Best Chef Northwest.

1401 SE Morrison St #101
Portland, OR 97214

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