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Jackfruit Cafe - Vegan Nutella

Nutella makes everything better from Fruit to Breads to Smoothies especially made fresh instead of a processed version.  Put it on your hot cereal for a warm creamy treat!


This recipe gives back to Support + Feed.

Support + Feed provides plant based meals prepared by local restaurants and businesses to people experiencing food insecurity in BIPOC and other communities, with several goals: nourish those in need, provide education, support the small business community, and positively impact the climate crisis.


Vegan chef Angela Means Kaaya is best known as the actress who portrayed the iconic character “Felicia” in the cult classic film Friday. After stepping away from the entertainment industry to raise her son, Bradley, she dedicated herself to youth sports and community service. In September of 2017, Angela established the brand, Jackfruit Cafe, a vegan eatery to help others stop or reduce meat eating.

Raised on a farm in Michigan, Angela has enjoyed cooking soul food for large groups of people most of her life. Her voice was silenced, as a child, when questioning the consumption of flesh but in her heart she knew it was wrong and struggled with it her entire life.

In 2013, as her son, Bradley was preparing to go to college Angela was experiencing health issues. Knowing the burden of her situation would fall on the shoulders of her only child Angela went vegan. With a clean bill of health she launched Jackfruit Cafe. In one year word of the delicious Jackfruit Cafe offerings spread worldwide. Jackfruit Cafe has been featured in major publications, radio shows, blogs, podcasts and popular tv news shows allowing Angela to help many improve their lives by reducing or eliminating meat.


11419 Santa Monica Blvd k23
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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